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programme controls manchester

Programme Controls in Manchester and the UK

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(1) Schedule Development and Control

Our team can offer the following services that would complement any project regardless of its complexity.

The art of developing a robust schedule is to ensure that the lifecycle scope is fully understood. Only then can a network of activities be developed using properly calculated durations. Collaboration with project teams and stakeholders will allow networking of these activities within a work breakdown structure that complements the requirements of the project. Optimisation of the resultant critical path will determine a realistic project completion date. Then, once an agreeable schedule has been developed, we can then record a baseline.


Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Milestones and Metrics

Once the schedule is developed a suite of key performance milestones can be agreed with the client and our experienced planners can encourage schedule delivery of all key milestones through good collaboration with the project team.

Metrics provide a great tool to the project manager in order to allow a simple productivity measurement tool. 

Schedule Progress & Mitigation

Our planner will return to site periodically in order to update the schedule progress. A complete analysis can then take place and the schedule re-optimised with the project manager in order to promote baseline adherence. Our experienced planners will use their experience to offer schedule mitigation strategies to the project manager(s) in order to align with the baseline schedule wherever possible.

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 To learn more about schedule development and project controls in Manchester and the UK, please contact us at Planners per Hour.











(2) Budgetary Cost Profiling Development and Control

A robust schedule enhances a project's ability to manage budget during the project lifecycle and delivers a very powerful tool for forecasting cost profiles. This allows a project's financial team to understand when money is needed to support all stages of the schedule and thus be in control of a project's budget.


Our planner can work with the project's financial team(s) in order to determine the estimate at completion (EAC) costs of any given project then apply these costs into the schedule to provide the following;

  • Capital cost profiling.
  • Resource cost profiling.

Control and cost accounts can be set up within the schedule in harmony with the project's financial team's requirements.

On completion of cost loading within the schedule a baseline cost profile can be provided following which data tables and graphs can be provided that indicate the following for use by financial teams.

  • Capital cost profiling.
  • Resource cost profiling.
  • Actual costs.
  • Estimate to complete.
  • Estimate at completion.
  • Schedule and earned value analysis.
  • Earned value (EVM) analysis.


For further information regarding budgetary cost profiling and programme control in Manchester and the UK, please get in touch with us at Planners per Hour.


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(3) Reporting

It is imperative for project managers and key stakeholders to understand the schedule and financial status of each project. Our planners can deliver simple management reports that provide a concise appraisal of the current project status. We shall employ a simple periodic reporting structure and will ensure that we tailor our reports to dovetail into any existing reporting structure that you require.

Our reports would include tabular and graphical representation of the following;

  •  Key milestone forecast versus baseline.
  • Lifecycle forecast versus baseline summary schedules.
  • Earned value indices.
  • Baseline versus actual and forecast costs profile.
  • Cost estimate at completion forecast and history. 

Of course, our planners can tailor reports according to your specific requirements. To learn more about our programme control services in Manchester and the UK, please get in touch with us at Planners per Hour.

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